Are you missing one tooth, a few teeth, or even all of your teeth? If so, dental implants may be the perfect solution for your smile! Dental implants are used to permanently replace missing teeth and restore your smile to its optimal function, health, and beauty. The dental implant, which is a small screw, is surgically inserted into the jawbone, ensuring that your restoration is stable and secure. Following the placement of the implant by Dr. Damodaran or Dr. Fish, our experienced dentists allow a period of healing for your gums, which also permits the jawbone to begin to fuse and bond with the titanium dental implant. After this period of healing, we will place the dental implant restoration. The implant restoration replaces a missing tooth, and depending on your specific dental needs it may be a dental crown, bridge, full denture, or partial denture.  The implant brand that we use here at Birch Lake Dental is Nobel Biocare.
After your dental implant has been completed, it can greatly enhance your smile. Dental implants in White Bear Lake, Minnesota can improve your smile by restoring your facial shape and volume, enhancing your overall appearance, and improving your ability to properly eat and speak. We invite you to call or visit Birch Lake Dental today to learn more about the advantages of implant dentistry.